Innovation and Technology:
Chimera Gentec Private Limited has entered into partnerships that would accelerate the development of world class affordable technologies for healthcare, prevention and treatment of life treating diseases. We work in partnership with our collaborators to bring novel products to market, creating new business from advances in technology

Chimera Gentec Private Limited has entered into partnership with Hyderabad based first tissue engineering company in India ExCel Matrix Biological Devices (P) Ltd, and Vancouver based biotech company Network Immunology for further development of their technologies and make it accessible to the world

ExCel Matrix Biological Devices (P) Ltd has developed proprietary technologies for routine 3D cell culture for tissue engineering in most economical, quick and convenient manner requiring no prior training or additional steps than conventional monolayer (2D) cultures. 3D cell culture is about engineering artificial human/ animal tissue equivalents. These engineered tissues have enormous potential to elucidate normal and pathological mechanisms, drug development and replacement of tissues for regenerative medicine. For further details visit to

Network Immunology has the mission to enhance and prolong human lives through the development of products emerging from the Network Theory of the immune system. Network Immunology preventative HIV vaccine HOFFIVAC�, is a new approach to an HIV vaccine with the objective to end the HIV/AIDS pandemic. HOFFITRAN� is treatment for the facilitation of Organ Transplantation, the objective of which is to prolong lives by making organ transplants safe and easy. It is expected that with this technology organ recipients will not need to be kept on immunosuppressive drugs. For further details visit to